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Guilt & Shame in Energetic Recovery Work

By roger schwartz, Oct 13 2016 06:54AM

If you are fortunate enough at this time to be having the experience of a human “being”, the chances are good that you are familiar with both guilt and shame. The frequency or depth to which these are experienced in our lives can depend on a variety of influences, both internal and external- parents or early caregivers, peers, influence of media, religious teachings and even our own personal beliefs as to the purpose and meaning of our life experience.

Guilt is often the feeling that arises as a result of doing or even thinking something that we believe, for whatever reason, is “wrong”. Behind shame lies the belief that we (self) are defective, that there is something “wrong” with us that made it possible for us to commit that action or have those thoughts.

In a relatively whole and well balanced person, these feelings would often be of short duration, acknowledged but quickly neutralized or transcended from the truth that as human beings, we make mistakes, it is a natural part of us and therefore, in no way an indication of defect.

For a lot of us though, guilt and shame may be more of an obstacle to living a happy and fulfilling life. Many of us have experienced or at least observed the quick, downward spiral that can result from even a simple mistake. We may find ourselves shifting almost instantaneously from guilt to shame and then continue to allow our critical inner voice to beat us down. This state we now find ourselves in can be challenging to recover from and may disrupt our lives and that of those around us for extended periods.

If we have addictive structure as an aspect of us that manifests as substance abuse or co-dependency for example, the feelings of guilt and shame can become an even more significant and familiar part of life as they are parts of a pattern, a cycle that we often find ourselves continually repeating, regardless of the force of self-will we apply to break it. We may find ourselves stuck and feeling hopeless...

Energetically, guilt and shame are can be very challenging to transcend on our own as we now lack the “power” needed to shift us to a higher perspective. There is a solution though, and it is found through the “Higher Power” within us all.

My newest modality, GRACE Recovery was inspired through experience in a 12-Step program and developed to provide support for not only those who may be in a recovery process, but anyone who may be drawn to remove the blockages that stand in the way of our healing process.

My belief is that Recovery is a return to our original state of energy through remembrance and re-connection to our Inner Divine Source. Past participants have shared some quite amazing experiences and powerful realizations with this transMISSION. Click here for more info on GRACE Recovery individual and group sessions.

I hope that you will join us!


Roger Schwartz

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