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Healing Our Past through Renuniting With Our Whole Self

By roger schwartz, Oct 13 2016 06:32AM

For many of us, the shift to a different phase in life often brings not only a renewed sense of hope, but also a time of reflection. With new resolve comes the need for more clarity about our experiences along the path that lead us to our desire and willingness to change. Any time we decide to change we are openening up to heal our past so that we can overcome our fears of the future.

Regardless of the reason for change; whether it’d be away from co-dependency, addicitve behaviors, substance abuse, or simply an ego driven life for example, if we are honest with ourselves, we often discover that there is some repair work needed before we are able to move any great distance forward.

It's quite common to discover that our previous way of life was one during which we lived through conditioned beliefs, patterns and programs that were so significantly misaligned from who we truly are, that our past actions barely feel like it was us doing them. For the deeper inner healing these aspects of ourselves need to be reunited and integrated.

To overcome our fears of the unknown – we need to overcome our fears of our past.

One of the steps we can take as we begin anew is to support our inner reconciliation trough taking a complete and honest inventory of what we have left behind us. At first go, the result is often a list of very obvious things, such as guilt or shame related actions, hurting somebody’s feelings, damage to another's property, dishonest transactions, bad communication or any type of abuse of another person in order to fulfill our own egocentric needs.

Many of these things can and should be resolved as soon as possible, through restitution and/or sincere apology for example. However, careful consideration must be given to the possibility that revisiting some of these situations with the persons involved could cause further harm. In some instances, resolution must be found through self-forgiveness and possibly energetic reconciliation alone. Therefore, it can be useful to seek advice from a trusted spiritual advisor or counselor beforehand.

If you are familiar with a 12-Step program, you are aware that inventory work can be the key to creating a new beginning and resolving the deeper aspects of our past. For the past 50 years this has been a widely accepted concept to prepare a person for a long-term healing success. At a beginning stage of the healing process a short list related of perceived transgressions of the past is created. This list consists of our honest self-reflection on past actions related to pride, fear, anger, sex relations, self-esteem or security and often includes the persons involved.

Often, we begin our healing process with a list with our most obvious inner conflicts that come to mind, noting who or what we have resentments for. By investigating the reason for our resentments however, we begin to notice the hidden aspects in us, or our life that affected our past choices. This often helps to unlock the root of our insecurities, fears or stored anger.

As we work through our inventory it is not unusual to find that our ego has the desire to maintain some importance, even within our healing or recovery process. This can be recognized for example, if justification persists, in one form or another, insisting that somebody else but us is responsible. This is one of the greatest inner obstacles to overcome, as our intent, as we proceed, is to review only our own part in each situation.

As we clean up our earlier creations, we are likely to experience a new found inner peace. This freedom motivates us, but also makes us realize that have only begun a deep process that will evolve and unfold even more inner freedom over a period of time.

While it sometimes feels impossible to embrace these unloved parts of ourselves into our present, the practicing an inner heart-connection though introspection can be the key to owning and re-instating our whole Self. Energy work and meditation can enhance our inner unfication process and often lead to surprising or spontaneous results. It is simply a result of our returning natural connection to the faster frequencies of our Higher Power that occurs each time we release or transmute slower frequency energies such as guilt and shame. As our alignment is able to return to the increasing frequencies such as Joy and Unconditional Love for example, we become ever more sensitive, revealing dissonant energies at increasingly subtle levels.

As previously mentioned, one of the most controlling factors in our past was fear - Fear that we are not loved or loveable, fear that we will not survive or fear that we will not have enough for example. Our deepest fears are the result of our belief that we have become separated from our Higher Power/Divine/Source. Because they are often woven into our karma or inner child they remain as energetic blocks that hinder our intent to return to our Original State of Oneness. Therefore, in Energy Work, clearing our past and transcending our fears are innately linked and equally important parts of any healing or recovery process.


Roger Schwartz & Jona Bryndis

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